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Bushranger® 36V Samsung 4Ah Premium Battery

RRP $199.00 (inc. GST)
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Planning on buying a few items in the range? Buy the skins only and purchase a battery and charger separately.


Get the Power of One wherever and whenever you need it with Bushranger’s 36V Lithium 4 Ah Samsung battery, giving you the ability to work until your heart desires.

Bushranger’s 36V range now gives you the option to buy batteries, chargers and unit bodies separately; making your life that little bit easier. Keep one in the shed, tool box, 36V unit or the work ute – the possibilities are endless!


  • Domestic Warranty

    2 Year Domestic Warranty
  • Commercial Warranty

    No Commercial Warranty
  • Hire/Rental Warranty

    No Hire/Rental Warranty
  • Power Plant

    Electric - Battery
  • Battery

    4.0 Ah (Recharging a completely flat battery requires approximately 100 minutes)


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