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WE HAVE A WINNER 🎉 Matthew Thompson, of Capalaba, QLD! Christmas has come early for you mate 🎄 You'll be taking home a brand new 500CM Cylinder Mower in time for a Christmas morning mow! Just shoot us a DM to claim your prize! Thanks to everyone who entered and for those of you who missed out, don't worry coz there'll be plenty more awesome giveaways to come in collaboration with AusLF! If you're not yet a member, head over to 👉🏼 http://bit.ly/Join-AusLF and join the group today! Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all ✨

In case you missed it, our friends over at Australian Lawn Fanatics are giving away one of our 500CM Cylinder Mowers and the winner will be announced right here at 6:00pm TONIGHT 🏆 You've got to be a member of AusLF to enter but lucky for you, it's super easy! Just head over to this link 👉🏼http://bit.ly/Join-AusLF and hit "Join Group"! Good luck guys 🎉

What do you do when your mate keeps taking your Bushranger gear? #toogoodtolendtoyourmates

The three little pigs didn't see this one coming. Huff, puff and blow the leaves & debris away with the BRV2601! ⚙️ Strong 4-Stroke engine 💨 Air speed of 225kph ✅ Compatible vacuum kit

All your jobs will be trimmed as crisply as this view, with the L451 trimmer. It’s a heavy duty unit, built for the professional doing big jobs! 🇯🇵 Made in Japan ⚙️ Four Bearing Gear Case for smoother, longer running 👷‍♂️ Anti-Vibration System, to reduce operator fatigue 💪 Solid steel shaft, for unmatched longevity.

Whether or not you've got a lot of greenery to tame, the home series HT2601 hedge trimmer will be your best friend. The HT2601 benefits from our full anti-vibration system, which reduces vibration fatigue - meaning your arms will last the length of the job!

This trusty cylinder mower is promising a great time outdoors this summer. Spend less time cutting the lawn, and more time enjoying it! Our cylinder mowers make a luxurious lawn an easy reality. 📸 Australian Lawn Fanatics

Meet the MT2601, the Multi Tool that'll leave no corner of your land untouched. Different attachments allow this four stroke powered machine to cut, trim, saw and prune whatever you want... Including Christmas trees! 🎄 The whole kit retails at just $489.00, a low price for high capability.

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