All Bushranger® Power Equipment is backed by a fully comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind.

Bushranger® Power Equipment represents a range of products that mean a lot to us........ so you can use them with confidence in your garden that means a lot to you! Our premium products are backed with a comprehensive warranty and the support of our retail network so you can be reassured your purchase is well protected.

Further, Bushranger® gives you the opportunity to extend your warranty to 5 years on a wide range of our product offering. All you need to do is use our specially formulated premium Bushranger® 2 stroke oils exclusively for the warranty period. Conditions apply*

Refer to the attached Distributors Warranty statement for details.

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This environmentally friendly 36V 18” lawn mower is the largest unit in our new battery-powered range! Featuring a dual battery system, the second battery will kick in if you run the first one flat. You’ll never be caught out mid-mow again!

Our Home Series range has been designed with our great Aussie home-owners in mind. With everything from Hedge Trimmers, Line Trimmers, Blowers and even a 4-Stroke MultiTool, this shedload of Bushranger gear has ALL your lawncare needs sorted 🍃

"To do good work, you need to enjoy what you do and I'm really grateful that Bushranger has helped me to do that." Jess here found her passion for landscaping with Desire Landscapes not too long ago and hasn't looked back since. With Bushranger, she can do more of what she loves and still finds plenty of time to spend with her friends and family!

Ready for winter? We've teamed up with our friends at Lawnporn to bring you 5 Tips For A Great Winter Lawn ❄️ Read on 👉 bit.ly/BR-Winter-Tips

The NEW 36V battery-powered range is a real winner amongst both home and commercial operators because it's super light, easy to use, environmentally friendly and most importantly, gets the job DONE ⚡️

How many Bushranger power tools do you own? Send us a snap 📸

2.5AH and 5AH interchangeable batteries can be used on any of our new 36V battery-powered range. Grab some new skins to suit your lawn's needs, without the need for new batteries every time!

Wondering why full crank motors are better? In a nutshell - full crank motors have a bearing at each end of the crankshaft meaning they’ll run smoother and be better balanced than traditional half crank motors, which only have a bearing at the load end of the crankshaft. Our HT2601 Hedge trimmer features a full crank motor meaning it’s going to be your best mate for a very long time.

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