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About Bushranger

Whether you’re a proud home owner or professional user, Bushranger Power Equipment has the right machine for you!

The Bushranger® range provides quality commercial grade products to the Australian market, whether it is for the professional or the savvy pro-consumer.  This belief is epitomised throughout all of the Bushranger® brand of superior outdoor power equipment products.  The principle of quality is reflected throughout the Bushranger® product range and is forefront in our minds in everything we do! 

Bushranger® only source the best technology from around the world, and all of the Bushranger® products are rigorously tested right here in Australia! This ensures that our products are suitable to take on the toughest of Australian conditions.

Buying Bushranger® products gives you the power to use quality, long lasting equipment that is built to a standard, not a price. We are proud of our products and back our retail distributers with service and support to give you, the user, peace of mind and years of reliable and dependable use.



At Bushranger®, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products to the marketplace, and we understand that a strong team is paramount to achieving this. We employ qualified professionals Nationwide who have years of experience and knowledge of the industry in which we operate. From sourcing and product testing, to customer service, supply chain distribution, servicing and warranty, as well as everything else in between, at Bushranger® our team is fully committed to ensuring your purchase is backed and supported to ensure years of quality use.



Roy Gripske and Sons – the company behind Bushranger® – was originally founded in Queensland in 1968 selling quality finished goods as well as spare parts and accessories to the retail public. Since then the business has evolved to offer a broad range of premium International brand name products which are distributed to professional retail outlets throughout Australia. With such an intimate knowledge of the Australian market place, in 2004 the Bushranger® brand was born to lean on our knowledge and bring to the market a range of superior outdoor power equipment products truly suited to Australian conditions.

Bushranger® is 100% Australian owned and run, so you can be confident that when you purchase a Bushranger® product, not only are you supporting an Australian business, but you can benefit from local after sales support throughout the life of your Bushranger® purchase.


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