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36V Product Special


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The Bushranger® suite of 36V garden power equipment combines the best in brushless motor technology with the superior quality of a 4Ah Samsung Lithium-Ion battery complete with a charge status indicator to deliver a powerful, quiet, light and reliable garden tool that is always ready to go.

Our 36V products are ideal for small yards, or light workloads that are more prevalent in today’s society as more and more people move away from large blocks onto smaller lots requiring much less yard maintenance.

No more fuel containers, no more fuel/oil mixing. Simply charge your battery and insert into your tool of choice for instantaneous power as soon as you pull the trigger. The 4Ah battery can deliver up to 3 hours of cutting, mowing, trimming, edging and hedging to get all your yard work done in little to no time. Your neighbours (and your ears) will appreciate the silent efficiency of this equipment.

All of the 36V Bushranger® product line up is available as either a kit, including battery and charger, or as machine only. That way you can decide to have one battery to service all of your machines or multiple batteries to ensure you never run out of power at the most inconvenient time. Or maybe you'll just love your 36V Bushranger® product so much you will want to spend all day in the garden! That's the Power of OneTM advantage. Ask your Bushranger retailer for more information about the Power of OneTM 36V Bushranger lineup today.

Watch our full 36V range in action in the following video.

What tool for the job?

Need to trim shrubs, bushes and trees? Do you have a wood fireplace or firepit? Do you have the occassional need to fell small to medium trees or clean up after a storm? The 36V Bushranger® Chain Saw is fitted with premium OregonTM 3/8" Low Profile chain and an easy to use chain tensioning system to ensure you get the most from the life of your chain. A 12" (300mm) bar makes this an extremely capable machine ready to tackle all but the biggest of felling jobs.

Do you keep your lawn trimmed and tidy? Do you hate pushing around a heavy petrol mower? If so, then the 36V Bushranger® Lawn Mower is the perfect choice to get that grass looking like its loved without the hard work. With a 380mm wide cut width and easy push ball bearing wheels (that is a rare feature even on petrol mowers), this workhorse will be a welcome addition to your stable. 

Hate hedging? Particularly with a heavy petrol unit or lugging around a cord attached to your electric hedger? Well no more. The 36V Bushranger® Hedge Trimmer has a 550mm long double sided articulated cutting blades and at only 4.3kg including battery this unit is light enough and has the power to get the job done in next to no time. 

Need to trim grass against buildings and garden edges? Do you undertake light edging work along driveways and paths? Then the 36V Bushranger® Trimmer is the ideal companion. With a 180o rotating head combined with a fully telescopic shaft, this machine can both trim and edge whilst maintaining optimal user comfort for the operator. There is also a folding guard to ensure distance from walls, fences and garden edging is maintained to optimise trimmer line life.

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