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Choosing the Perfect Lawn Mower for Your Garden

Choosing the Perfect Lawn Mower for Your Garden

Not all lawns are the same, and neither are mowers. Which is why getting the right mower that fits your needs is essential in ensuring the best cut and mowing experience for your garden. Whether you have a huge yard or just a tiny green strip, you’ll need a capable mower that gets the job done right. But what is the best lawn mower to use? Bushranger is here to give you some handy insights into the different types of lawn mowers available in the market:


Choosing the best lawn mower for you may vary depending on several factors including the size of your property, area, and type of terrain you need to work on. You might want to ask these questions yourself first.

How big is your yard? - The size of your lawn will determine the best lawn mower for your needs. In general, walk-behind mowers are best for yards that are less than an acre in size, whilst big property owners have the option of choosing a ride-on mower.

What types of terrain and obstacles do you have to navigate? - In choosing the best lawn mower for your property, you also need to consider the type of terrain your mower is about to face. Is it flat or are there steep slopes or hills? Ride-on mowers can handle different types of terrain but there are also other types of lawn mowers that can handle slopes better than others.

What area do you live in? - You may have to choose between petrol and battery powered lawn mowers. Battery powered lawn mowers are quieter and do not emit smoke, making them ideal for suburban areas where houses are in smaller blocks.


Nothing ruins the day like mowing your garden with the wrong residential lawn mower and ending up with poorly cut grass. There are many types of lawn mowers. Each has their perks depending on the type of yard you have.

Cylinder Mowers

Cylinder Mowers, also known as reel mowers, have vertically rotating cylindrical blades at the front of the mower which slice the grass against a fixed blade. Cylinder mowers are great to use on flat lawns, and give you that gorgeous striped lawn look. However, these mowers don’t perform on rough or uneven surfaces. If you regularly mow your lawn and enjoy a finely cut and manicured lawn, then a cylinder mower is the way to go.

Rotary Mowers

Rotary mowers have spinning blades rotating horizontally under a cutting deck which can be easily adjusted up or down depending on your desired cutting height. Rotary mowers are the most versatile type of mowers. They can cope with most types of grass and are excellent at cutting longer and rougher grass. These mowers work best on medium to long grass. However, the cut you get from a rotary mower is less precise than that of a cylinder mower, because it tends to thrash grass around due to the mower’s high speed rotation, resulting in less accurate cut.

Utility Mowers

Utility Mowers are a great option if you have to mow areas with tall weeds and non-turf grasses. These mowers feature a side discharge steel chassis making it the perfect choice for industrial type lawn owners that need to clean up their property but don’t require catching.

Self-Propelled Mowers

Self-Propelled Mowers are designed to reduce fatigue that may come with traditional push mowers. These units push themselves and let you simply walk behind the mower to control its path. Self-propelled mowers come with easy-to-use controls and transmission so you can mow effortlessly. This type of mower is perfect for yards up to ¾ acre, & for contractors doing several yards this size a day.

Ride-On Mowers

Ride-on mowers are great for larger gardens and offer a faster, more comfortable way to mow. Ride-on mowers significantly cut down the time it takes you to cut your grass making your lawn work easy and enjoyable. These mowers provide superior mowing performance compared to push mowers, however, they also come at a higher price tag.

Zero-Turn Mowers

Last but not leastzero-turn mowers are specifically designed to provide excellent maneuverability, letting you easily make sharp turns and pivots as you mow. These units can get much closer to obstacles giving them the ability to cut tightly against various slopes and landscapes, making them some of the best residential AND commercial lawn mowers. All of our zero-turn mowers are rated to work on a maximum of 15 degree slope straight up and down, and a maximum 10 degree slope sideways. Aside from its ease of use, this mower also has the capacity to cut lawns faster and more effectively than traditional mowers.

Looking for the best lawn mower for your garden? Bushranger Power Equipment offers a huge range of rotary mowerszero-turn mowers and other lawn mowers to help you tackle any terrain, slope, hills, overgrown grass and more!

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