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Commercial Reciprocating Cutting Blade

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PUMC-LB2 - Commercial Multi-tool attachments

Bushranger® MC-LB2 Reciprocating Cutting Blade Multi-Tool Attachment

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The Bushranger® Multi-Tools are the intelligent answer for an all round garden and landscape maintenance tool - you won’t clutter the shed with this compact unit.


Bushranger’s MC-LB2 attachment is a reciprocating cutting blade attachment for trimming grass without the risk of flying debris and the need for trimmer line replacement.

The Bushranger® Multi-Tool range allows the user to have a potential of 6 different units with 9 attachment possibilities all using the one power head. The Multi-Tool allows a variety of jobs to be within an arm’s reach and achievable at once – the possibilities are endless.


  • An ideal trimmer with zero debris throw, ideal for roadside, around dams, pools, ponds, glass walls.
  • Ideal for roadside work, around dams, ponds or against walls.
  • Solid Steel Shaft: drive shafts is precision manufactured from solid steel and polished for optimal performance. Also durable bronze bushings reduce vibrations and power loss.
  • Made In Japan.
  • Fits Bushranger® MCH252, MT262 and MTK272 Multi-Tool Powerheads.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.


4 out of 5 Stars

Coomera - 8th April 2021

Purchased this attachment and it’s made my edging far more clean and tidy I have used the bush ranger line trimmer attachment for some time but found it would burn the grass as it was harder to control. This is a must have for anyone that uses a cylinder mower.

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