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Long Shaft Pruner Attachment

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PUMC-PL2 - Commercial Multi-tool attachments

Bushranger® MC-PL2 long shaft pruner multi-tool attachment

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The MC-PL2 Long Shaft Pruner Attachment is the perfect answer for any hard to reach or high places.


Bushranger’s MC-PL2 long shaft (1500 mm) pruner attachment is perfect for pruning in those hard to reach places.

The Bushranger® Multi-Tool range allows the user to have a potential of 6 different units with 9 attachment possibilities all using the one power head. The Multi-Tool allows a variety of jobs to be within an arm’s reach and achievable at once – the possibilities are endless.


  • 10" Guide bar.
  • 3/8" Low profile chain.
  • Adjustable oil pump.
  • Solid Steel Shaft: drive shaft is precision manufactured from solid steel and polished for optimal performance. Also durable bronze bushings reduce vibrations and power loss.
  • Made in Japan.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.


5 out of 5 Stars

Perth - 30th June 2020

Well balanced and geared pole trimmer attachment. Good length and cut quality. Solid driveshaft and Oiler adjustment. A really handy tool to have in the kit if you’re looking to prune low branches or palms without getting on a ladder.

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