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LS302 Log Splitter

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BRULS302 - Log Splitters

Bushranger LS302 30 Ton Log Splitter

RRP $3,599.00 (inc. GST)

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Stack up firewood for the cooler months or clean up around the property, the LS301 is a tough unit that will get the job done.


The Bushranger 30-Ton log splitter provides quality and power at an affordable price. Fitted with a KOHLER Command PRO CH395 engine, a manually activated auto return valve with an 12.9 second cycle time and quality features throughout this log splitter will provide many years of reliable service.


  • KOHLER Command PRO CH395 single cylinder OHV (9.5 hp / 6.8 kW / 277 cc) engine.
  • Horizontal or vertical operation.
  • 30 Tons of splitting force.
  • Manually activated auto return valve with adjustable detent.
  • Cycle time, down and back 12.9 seconds.
  • Two stage pump 15 GPM (56.78 litres per minute).
  • Valve - Ergonomically positioned for operator comfort.
  • Wedge: 9" (228.6 mm) High angled heat treated steel.
  • Wheels / Tyres*: 4.80" x 12" D.O.T certified.
  • Beam: 9" (228.6 mm) Foot plate.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Domestic Warranty

    3 Year Domestic (Limited) Warranty
  • Commercial Warranty

    3 Month Commercial Warranty
  • Hire/Rental Warranty

    3 Month Hire/Rental Warranty
  • Engine (cc)

    277 cc
  • Engine

    KOHLER Command PRO CH395 (9.5 hp / 6.8 kw / 277 cc) horizontal shaft engine
  • Horsepower

    9.5 hp
  • Hydraulic Ram Cylinder: (mm)

    Outside: 139.7 mm x 609.6 mm stroke / Inside: 127mm x 622.3 mm stroke
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity: (L)

    50 litres [Hydraulic system including hydraulic tank]
  • Maximum Log Length: (mm)

    635 mm
  • Pump: (L)

    Two stage pump 56.78 litres per minute
  • Shipping Weight: (kg)

    249.47 kgs (with fluids)
  • Tow Hitch: (mm)

    50 mm ball hitch with safety chains - Aust style trailer bail hitch
  • Wedge: (mm)

    228.6 mm High angled heat treated steel
  • Operating Position

    Horizontal or vertical operation
  • Valve

    Manually activated auto return valve with adjustable detent
  • Cycle Time

    12.9 seconds (down and back)
  • Wheels / Tyres

    *D.O.T approved 12" x 4.80" multi lug trailer wheel
  • Beam (mm)

    9" Foot plate
  • Ram Size

    2" (50.8 mm) Dia


4.7 out of 5 Stars

Tasmania - 28th May 2023

The only comment, I would make is that the stand at the front doesn't go low enough to hitch to my vehicle, Paul from Melbourne has a solution to that, put the splitter in the vertical position and it takes the weight off the hitch, thanks. Otherwise I cant fault it, all the rounds that have been in the woodshed for years because my other two splitters couldn't split them [i.e. my left and right hand] are now split. They were knotty blue gum so there's nothing this splitter can't handle. Even my axe has become obsolete, I can split a barrow load of kindling in no time. I burn 12-15 ton per season so I know about getting enough wood in the shed. The work height is perfect for me and the motor starts easily.

Cooma - 2nd January 2023

I purchased the 30 T model about 18 months ago. It’s a great machine, very reliable and robust. The kohler 9.5 is a great power plant, always starts first pull. I haven’t found any timber here in the Snowy mountains that it hasn’t split,. There’s been a few bits that made it work, but it hasn’t been beaten. My only gripe is the wheel base being too narrow when towing behind the ute. Because the unit is too heavy, towing on anything other that flat bitumen presents a tip risk.

2155 - 27th June 2022

Just purchased this log splitter. Very happy with it. Quite efficient engine with very good splitting force. Can't wait to get it out and splitting some of the big logs.

Ballarat - 17th May 2022

I brought this splitter several months ago after a year of trying to decide what brand and model to get. It has exceeded my expectations and I have split well over 100meters with it now. The motor starts easily and I can split close to 3 Meters and hour in optimal conditions I'm also yet to find something it can't split. I can't fault it at all. I hope in the future bushranger releases a 4 way wedge for it and it would speed up splitting times more. a cover would be ideal.

Melbourne - 13th May 2022

Upgrade to 5 stars. After over a year of abuse this machine is still going strong, and after working with it over that time I feel it has earned its keep, engine has been flawless, and having the large oil tank helps manage fluid heating when using the unit in hot conditions (obviously it still gets damn hot but that’s the nature of hydraulics). A couple of tips that you’ll soon figure out: Make a little skate up to sit under the footplate for storage allowing you to roll the unit about. Ensure that you keep the tank level across the axle or ensure the fluid filler cap is upslope…the unit will vent hydraulic oil if the cap is downslope and make a huge mess. To assist in hitching / unhitching, put the ram into upright position, this allows the hitch to be unweighted (doh). My only complaint now is that there could be bigger cutouts for debris to escape behind the ram and at the footplate (although this would weaken the beam slightly), I find bark builds up in a clump behind the ram if you are less than fastidious with cleaning it off periodically whilst splitting. Still have not defeated this splitter with our hard Aussie wood.

Adelaide Hills - 8th April 2021

This is a great machine! I really do like spending some time splitting wood to keep the family warm during winter. I do agree with the other reviews mentioning the front front leg, however I have added a jokey wheel to my splitter for about $100. It was easy to do (required making a small plate and doing up 4 bolts) now I am thankful it has a slightly shorter leg as its easy to wind down onto the leg for more stable splitting. The motor on it is top notch, arguably as good or better than the Honda. Travel speed of the splitting head is really far above anything else I have used and saves soooo much time. Under heavy work load the unit does get quite hot, but by I use this as a good excuse to stop for a cold drink or coffee :-) We did have a small issue with the unit shortly after we purchased it and the after sales support was excellent! For the price of the unit, it defiantly punches above its weight. For anyone looking for a great splitter that can really get though that toughest stuff (I have split 50 tone of redgum and Malley root) then I defiantly think this is the one to get. If I daid $6k for this unit it would have got a 4 star review but for the money its a 5 star from me! One last tip for anyone looking to purchase one of these units is do your maintenance, its a machine a little TLC will be worth your while.

Qld - 8th April 2021

Looked online for domestic / commercial quality log splitters his came up best specs for money y far with warranty service back up via local dealers with pre delivery done . Worked unit over last winter and run like clockwork engine power was plenty and hyd pumps run at mid to low rev range while using minimal fuel , 5-7 Ltrs to a tonne Iron bark mixed green and seasoned . Log split rack on new model was better designed I made a few tweaks but overall splitting horizontal you wouldn’t go without it and vertical makes a solid hyd tank guard. Towing the splitter behind the mule is well balanced I changed the tow hitch to low profile . Overall a good looking machine which works above and beyond what’s expected ,with a few mods I’ve done would run in a commercial yard no probs .

Bulli, NSW - 8th April 2021

I love my splitter.. have used it heaps already. 30T just wont quit. The Kohler engine is great too.. heaps of power, and starts first kick nearly every time. Have used the splitter upright and down level, which is my favorite for turning out heaps of split wood. Have mostly been splitting Ironbark at my sister's place (Camden), which burns hot and slow.. I agree with Paul, about the height of the hitch, but once you know the problem its not so bad. I find the tyres seem to close in on you when splitting timber, the more familiar you become with the machine. But hey, nothing is perfect.. (4 + 1/2 stars really) I hope this splitter will last for ages..!!

Yass river - 8th April 2021

I agree about the front leg being too high. I can get it onto my Ute but no hope on the atv. Other than that it can’t be beaten. Performs way better than any other unit I have used or seen. Very happy buyer.

Melbourne - 13th February 2021

This splitter is epic, just spent three hours splitting wood in garden, probably split about five or six cubic meters of gum in that time. I was using it upright as the rounds were fairly large (certainly too heavy to lift- well for me anyway). The splitter performed flawlessly, it seems very well put together, has quality engine and hoses, plus has double sided log cradle. Really easy to use and respectably fast. Only two niggles preventing five stars, the ram does not lock in the upright position which surprised me. And being such a robust machine it weighs a not insignificant amount which makes it very difficult to hitch and unhitch as the leg is not short enough to lower the cup down onto the towhitch, or for that matter to raise it off. This means hitching and unhitching is a back breaking experience. Other than that could not be happier, sure this will last for years and years.

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