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46TB6M Lawn Mower

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BUSH46TB6M - Rotary Mower

Bushranger® 46TB6M, 625 Series Mulch & Catch Lawn Mower

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Bushranger's 46TB6M Mower is built with the home user in mind, ensuring the cleanest cuts every use.


Designed to deliver unprecedented reliability and performance, Bushranger 625 series mowers are built from pressed steel for strength and feature 203 mm dual ball bearing wheels front and back. Beneath the chassis is the 4 blade swing back disc giving you 460 mm cutting width, complete with plug to mulch the grass further and high zone air filter keeping your engine clean. All this powered by an industry favourite Briggs & Stratton 625 series 4 stroke air cooled engine with easy starting ignition system and added protection though paper air filters. Backed by an industry warranty, Bushranger is unparalleled in performance and peace of mind.


  • Briggs & Stratton 625 Series Engine
  • 18" (460 mm) Cut.
  • 4 Swing back blades.
  • Pressed steel chassis.
  • Mulch plug.
  • Grass catcher.
  • 8" wheels fitted with double precision ball bearings.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Domestic Warranty

    5 Year Domestic Warranty
  • Commercial Warranty

    3 Month Commercial Warranty
  • Hire/Rental Warranty

    3 Month Hire/Rental Warranty
  • Power Plant

    Four Stroke Petrol
  • Engine (cc)

    150 cc
  • Engine

    Briggs & Stratton 625 Series
  • Output

    Gross Torque 8.5Nm @ 2600rpm
  • Fuel Capacity

    1.5 Litres
  • Battery

  • Dry Weight

    28 kg


Optional Accessories available for purchase separately include:


5 out of 5 Stars

Deception Bay QLD - 26th December 2023

Got this mower about 6 mths ago to replace an old worn out much used and loved Rover and a new useless underpowered Husqvarna, what a difference, first mower I have used in years I didn't have to run at full throttle all the time, spare power just increase revs thru tough spots and back off again , great mower, good cut ,well balanced , just two small faults in my conditions as I mow on sometimes rough ground the rear edge of the mower catches on the ground when pulled backwards, it needs about an inch chopped off the bottom , also as I mow around a lot of trees the large wingnuts that lock the handles catch on trees , these have now been replaced with capped nuts to reduce how far they stick out . Good oldschool simple tough mower.

Monto - 15th January 2022

I am over the moon today , but pretty weary. Yesterday I was able to pick up the mower I had ordered from Mitre 10 and it's the bees knees! Far exceeding my expectations. It is light and manoeuvrable, and it is a walk in the park to mow with, no weight to push and on level ground you can use one hand if you want. It has a catcher which is good for near the house which is mostly low growing Condamine Couch, when I want to put green mulch in my compost bin. It has a mulch plug that is very different to all the popular brands. This mower is open the whole width of the catcher , where the one I had, and all the popular brands I have seen only have a 4 inch square chute that packs up every couple of minutes, which was a big issue with the Toro Mower I'd bought 4 months ago; along with an auto start that did not work. I took it back and asked for a refund - and I got it a couple of weeks ago. I used the mulch plug, which sits over the back half of the blades and down to attach to the base of the mower where the catcher sits when in situ, yesterday on the near the house and it did a good job and threw the majority of grass clipping to the left side of the mower, which was fine if you were going in a circle but not if you had to mow where the grass got thrown to. It didn't have a problem cutting it, but was very dirty as a lot of the dirt came out the sides of the mulch plug and went all over the mower. When I finished in less than half an our I had to clean the air filter and get mulched grass out from around the plug and the blades, and off the top of the mower. It was so dirty I had to spend a fair while cleaning it up, as it has an air cooled engine. This morning I did what I have always done when mowing my long grass. I didn't use the catcher or the mulch plug, but put a piece of a garden stake across the back of the mower with the flap that goes on the catcher held up and the stake tied so that it couldn't move or vibrate out- The mower does not vibrate at all which is a blessing as that is tiring if you have a mower that does. That was hugely successful as the clippings were thrown out to the left side but spread out so it didn't leave a row as with the mulch plug; and the mower itself is as clean as a whistle with no grass build up under it or on it. or even on my trousers. I even mowed a 100 mtr strip down to as close to the pump on the dam as I could and back gain, and could get it high enough that most of the any stones did not hit the blades. That was a big ask with very native grass imaginable plus some native shrubby stuff, but it did it easily. I wanted to see what it could do and how far it would go on a tank of fuel which is 1.5 ltr. After the track, I did along the base of a big bank which it was thick and tall Rhodes grass in seeds- no trouble ; then up above the bush house, about a metre up and along the contourof a small bank - no trouble; then at the back of the house where it's short native couch and patchy - no trouble; then a big area about the size of a quarter acre suburban block - no trouble. By this time I am totally saturated from head to toe and I ready to call it a day - the mower was still going and still had fuel in the tank when I stopped it! Now I call that a pretty awesome effort and I am totally happy with its capabilities and how well suited it is for my needs. I spent a couple of days researching all the mowers, comparing specifications and reviews and I chose the one I thought would be most suited to my needs and it looks like I got it

Ripley - 13th March 2021

After having enough of our Battery unit (Don't worry not a bushranger one!) that had a pathetic catching system I am glad to say I remembered about bushrangers, Got this on a great special from a local dealer and couldn't be happier! The engine is really the standout (No choke/priming!! just start and go) although the build quality feels like this thing will last years and years. If you're tossing up a bushranger, don't. Just go for it.

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