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53AH6IMSP Lawn Mower

Land Owner Professional Four Stroke
PU53AH6IMSP - Self-propelled Mower

Bushranger 53AH6IMSP, 800SP Series Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

RRP $1,799.00 (inc. GST)

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This 53AH6IMSP offers a massive 21" (530 mm) deck and a professional finish every use - what else could you ask for?


The new 800 SP series Bushranger® Alloy Deck Honda Powered Mower has arrived. This 800 SP Series 21” (530mm) mower comes with features which will attract any contractor or the larger property owner.

The first noticeable feature is that for a big 21” (530mm) mower it’s very easy to maneuver around your yard and gardens. This has a lot to do with the 3 speed gear box fitted to this mower. The gear box is a shaft drive, oil filled, alloy case with all metal internal gears. This gear box is built to last and withstand the hard treatment dished out by contractors and property owners alike. With a low speed of 3.06kph you will be able to get around garden beds, trees and hedges with ease. When you get out to the open spaces and need to get the job done quickly you can choose 3rd speed and go at 4.6kph. Second speed is a good in-between speed to cut and mulch for those of us who don’t want or need to run after our mower. You will very quickly come to appreciate and love the comfort grip and adjustable top handles, no matter how tall or short you are, the handles will always be at the correct position for you the operator. A few reasons why this mower is so easy to use is that it has large 200 x 50mm wheels plus dual wheel bearings fitted to the front and rear. This mower also features metal rims which are coupled to rubber tyres – not plastic like so many others. A metal chassis protection ring has been added on the outside and inside giving you that extra protection against damaging the chassis when you get a little too close to that wall or fence or hit that unseen dog bone or rock. The features don’t stop there - this machine is also fitted with a seven stage height adjuster, you can cut from a low 25 to 76mm by just moving the lever located on the rear wheel, we also have a large 70 litre Dacron fabric, moulded base catcher bag with top and rear dust cover, ensuring you don’t get covered in dust and dirt on those dry, dusty days. Under the deck of the mower you have a disc holding four high fluted swing back blades which will cut, catch and mulch (when fitted with the mulching plug supplied with the mower) like no other mower you have used in the past. To get a mower to perform as this mower does you need an engine which will not only start first time every time you need an engine which is tried and proven to be trusted and reliable – we have such an engine fitted to this new 800 SP series Bushranger® Mower. Our Bushranger 800 SP series mowers are fitted with a Honda GXV160.


  • Honda GXV160 Engine.
  • 21" (530 mm) Cutting width
  • 7 Positions adjustable 25 mm - 76 mm Cutting height
  • 4 Swing back blades.
  • Mulching Plug.
  • Alloy chassis.
  • 70 Litre durable fabric grass catcher.
  • Self-Propelled, 3 speed gear box.
  • Drive control levers.
  • 8" (200mm) Front and rear wheels fitted with dual ball bearings.
  • Axle bolted to chassis.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Domestic Warranty

    6 Year Domestic Warranty
  • Commercial Warranty

    2 Year Commercial Warranty | 6 Month (Chassis and Gear Box)
  • Hire/Rental Warranty

    3 Month Hire/Rental Warranty
  • Power Plant

    Four Stroke Petrol
  • Engine (cc)

    163 cc
  • Engine

    Honda GXV160
  • Fuel Capacity

    1.5 Litre
  • Battery

  • Dry Weight

    52 kg
  • Cutting Height(s)

    Adjustable 25 mm - 76 mm


Optional Accessories available for purchase separately include:


5 out of 5 Stars

Berkshire park - 15th April 2021

The performance of the Bushranger range is second to none, we are small business owners and each and every day we got out with our Bushranger gear, proudly on display. Our client reviews in itself shows the quality of equipment we have invested in ???? We have this one love every minute with it the power it has helps us smash our jobs out day in day out cant wait to buy more bushranger gear

Ingleburn NSW - 14th April 2021

After having consistent issues with my Honda mower I made the switch to Bushranger. Being a small business quality and consistency are important to me. I wish I had of made the change earlier. This mower has made my life so much easier, the cut is always perfect, it never struggles no matter what kind of lawn I’m using it on. I will be changing out the rest of my equipment for Bushranger as I don’t believe you can find better quality.

Victoria - 14th April 2021

It is hard to fault this machine, I use it commercially and it makes mowing a pleasure. I have used other self propelled mowers that do not fill the catcher whereas this machine does every time. The mulching works a treat when conditions suit and the final result looks just like a catcher was used. The 3 speeds suit every different situation and gear selection is easy. In my opinion, a few opportunities for improvement include 1 Smooth out the drive engagement, it is easy to spin the wheels and damage the lawn. Instructions say to push mower to have momentum before engaging but that isn't that easy with the weight of the mower 2 Provide a chute for times when catching or mulching is not an option. I have tied rear flap up slightly at times and it works well 3 Change the drive engagement lever to the front of handlebar, I find it easier to use my fingers to engage the drive rather than my thumb Well done on an awesome machine, despite my thoughts on improvements it is higher than 4, has to be a 5 star

South West Rocks - 13th April 2021

We use this daily (commercially) for up to 16 lawns a day, up to 6 days a week. It is a weapon mower with great power and clean cutting. It is heavier than some mowers, but the self propelled will enable you to get through the brunt of most lawns, pokey yards with tight turns and lots of back and forth required may prefer a lighter mower

SHEPPARTON - 8th April 2021

I bought this in preparation for Spring last year. It has exceeded my expectations. The engine is strong, smooth, quiet and more fuel efficient that my previous workhorse. I really appreciate the catcher volume and the easy empty. Having 3 speeds to choose from is excellent, allowing me to adapt to each lawn or area. I also love how solid the build quality is, it feels like it last me a very long time. I can highly recommend this mower, probably the best I have owned.

Adelaide, S.A. - 8th April 2021

I have recently purchased the 800 SP Series 21” self propelled Bushranger with the Honda gxv160 motor and it just mows through any length turf, reduces my mowing time, would recommend this mower for any commercial contractor. Great product.

Burpengary, Queensland - 8th April 2021

Bulletproof Beast. It's as simple as that. I bought this just over a year ago and use it almost every work day. I've used Honda self propelled mowers for almost 30 years and this was my big departure from that brand, so I was a little nervous. I need not have worried because it starts first time, every time and it handles everything from the smallest courtyard to the biggest acreage jobs with ease. The smooth three speed gearbox offers all the versatility you'll need and there is ample power, even on the steepest of slopes. Comes with both a large cloth bag catcher and a mulching plug which I've found can be used on longer grass than others I've used, without clogging. Tough as nails construction and solid, reliable performance under any conditions makes this my favourite mower I've used in 40 years mowing lawns. When it comes time to update my other power gardening equipment Bushranger will be my first choice.

Gold Coast - 14th March 2021

I recently bought the 53AH and can’t believe how amazing this mower is. Even in the peak of lawn growing season, which is near impossible to keep up with, this mower continually blows my mind. It makes my job a dream and I can’t wait to use it everyday. If you’re looking for the best, you’ve found it! And they’re Queenslanders!! Cheers Bushranger for a fantastic product! Wazza B.

Melbourne - 21st November 2018

Absolute gun of a mower. It did take me a while to get used to as it was my first self propelled but I am absolutely in love with this mower. I have not been kind to it and it does on average 40 lawns a week, sometimes easy, but often very tough jobs. A year on and it is going really well and still starts first time, every time.

Sulphur Creek, Tas. - 14th November 2017

I have an older beast with the 6HP Kawasaki motor. Has been worked hard but never let me down and is still running sweet. Will definitely buy another if this one ever gives up.

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