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The Top 5 Must-Have Garden Power Tools

Edgers, chainsaws, straight and bent-shaft trimmers - the list goes on. With so many power tools on the market, it’s hard to know which tools you need for your yard. To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of the essential garden power tools for every outdoorsman!

1. Trim your way to clean edges

Have you ever driven past a front yard with a lawn to envy? If you’ve been trying to get the same clean edges but have had no luck, you’ve probably been using the wrong tool. 

There is a range of edge trimmers to choose from including bent or straight shafts, each of which has different uses and is suitable for different yards. 

The Bushranger difference is that all of our trimmers have an anti-vibration system, which makes using your trimmer much more comfortable. 

2. Make backyard jobs a breeze with a blower

Don’t break your back trying to sweep and rake up fallen leaves and other backyard messes. A blower can take the strain out of tidying up your yard, making it an effortless part of your gardening routine.

We have a variety of blowers; from home series to larger commercial units. There is something for everyone. A compact blower is great for small backyard jobs such as blowing away dirt and grass after mowing. A larger unit like our BR-9000 Backpack Blower is perfect for making the larger jobs a breeze!

3. Trim your way to hedge glory!

A battery-powered hedge trimmer is a must-have when you want to keep your hedges and bushes under control. 

Hedges need to be trimmed regularly but should be well-trimmed at the end of winter, or the start of spring before the growing season arrives. This helps keep your hedges healthy and encourages growth during spring. If you want to know more about how to maintain hedges correctly, read our blog post here

4. Beat stubborn dirt with a pressure washer

A pressure washer might be something you think you don’t need, but how many times have you washed your driveway and been left feeling unsatisfied? Sometimes the regular garden hose and a sponge just don’t do your car the justice it deserves!

Pressure washers can be great when it comes to getting rid of tough dirt on cars, outdoor walls, and floors. They are portable which makes using them easy. Your yard or car will be sparkling in no time at all. 

5. Kick serious lawn goals with a Bushranger mower

A must-have if you have a lawn, but what type of mower should you invest in? 

It depends on your backyard size, how often you may be using your mower, and even what type of lawn you have. 

The Spartan Zero Turn mower range is a commercial-grade mower at an affordable price. If you have a large private or commercial yard with plenty of grass, this is the mower range for you! The Spartan range can handle any job, no matter how uneven the surface is, and is easy to manoeuver. It’s built with durability and performance in mind, so it’ll keep on mowing again and again. 

If you have a smaller lawn or need to navigate small spaces easily, a push mower is the tool to get the job done. From rotary and utility mowers to cylinder mowers, we have you covered. These are small units, packed with power. They are extremely powerful and will provide you with a clean cut every time. 

No matter what type of backyard you have, or how experienced you are with the tools, we have the units for you. 

Browse the full range of Bushranger outdoor power equipment on our website or head to your nearest dealer to shop the range for yourself! Your local dealers are experts in power equipment and will be able to assist you in what to pick for your specific backyard needs. 

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