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Eco-Friendly and Efficient: Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

Eco-Friendly and Efficient:  Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to browsing the world of lawn mowers. But sometimes too much choice makes the decision-making process overwhelming. Maintaining a lush green lawn is a point of pride for many homeowners, but it doesn't have to come at the expense of the environment. As we switch to more eco-friendly alternatives in other facets of our life, we can apply a similar mindset when it comes to lawn maintenance. Battery-powered lawn mowers have emerged as a popular, eco-conscious alternative to more traditional style mowers. 

Zero Emissions

One of the most obvious advantages of battery-powered lawn mowers is that they are environmentally friendly. Unlike gas mowers, they produce zero harmful emissions as they don’t use fossil fuels; thus, significantly reducing carbon footprint and air pollution.

No Noise Pollution

Additionally, battery powered mowers operate more quietly, sparing the neighbourhood from the incessant roar and noise pollution, making them a perfect fit for early morning or late evening mowing without disturbing the peace.


These mowers also boast enhanced efficiency. Bushranger 36V battery powered mowers are equipped with an advanced Samsung cell Lithium Ion battery which ensures long run time and great force to tackle thick grass and challenging terrains. The absence of a cord provides unrestricted movement, allowing users to manoeuvre effortlessly around obstacles and tight spaces - covering a greater range for your lawn. With our battery powered mowers, all you need to do is pull the lever and you have an instant start. The mower will also hold charge in storage for months.

Low Maintenance

Our battery-powered mowers are low-maintenance, saving users time and money in the long run. With no need for oil changes or spark plug replacements, they are remarkably user-friendly and cost-effective. While battery powered mowers are more of an investment initially, you will reap the benefits in maintenance savings each year.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you have been considering making the switch to battery powered lawn mowers this might just be the confirmation you were looking for. These innovative machines not only benefit the environment but also give you a well-tended lawn with minimal effort. You will soon become the envy of the neighbourhood! So, why not join the movement towards a greener and cleaner future?

Browse our full range of our battery-powered units here or contact us on +617 3385 4955 with any questions you may have.

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