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Battery Powered Vs Petrol Lawn Mowers

Battery Powered Vs Petrol Lawn Mowers

Love it or hate it, mowing the lawn is a must do chore for most Aussies! Choosing the right type of mower for your lawn is important in making sure you not only get the best cutting performance, but that the unit is right for your garden! One of the choices that more and more Aussies are having to make is deciding between a petrol mower or a battery powered lawn mower. We're here to break down the key differences between the two, as well the advantages and disadvantages of each!


Battery Powered lawn mowers are light and extremely easy to manoeuvre. If you have a small to a mid-sized yard that you want to keep in tip-top shape, battery powered lawn mowers can be a great choice.

Bushranger battery-powered lawn mower voltages range from 36v to 72v. They provide great freedom of movement and allow you to cover a greater range for your lawn. However, since they rely on battery power, you can only use this type of mower for as long as the battery has life in it. For longer tasks, you will have to recharge your lawn mower again. See the full range of our battery-powered units here.


They Are Quieter

Battery powered lawn mowers create much less noise, when compared to their petrol-powered counterparts. This makes them an ideal choice if you live in a residential area with close neighbours, or if you’d just like mowing to be slightly more peaceful!

They Are Environment-Friendly

If you’re after an environmentally conscious alternative, battery powered mowers are the way to go. They run entirely on electric, allowing you to ditch the fumes and emissions associated with petrol powered units!

They Are Easier To Operate

Battery powered mowers make mowing the lawn more hassle free. With a push to start engine, you can say goodbye to the dreaded pull cords and say hello to no more warm ups. They also require less maintenance, aside from cleaning.


If you have a large acre to mow petrol lawn mowers are generally the best choice. Petrol lawn mowers are usually more powerful and can perform heavy-duty cutting at a longer running time. They are great at tackling slopes, hills, overgrown grass, rough ground, and more.


They Give You More Power

Petrol lawn mowers are often more powerful than their battery counterparts. The higher the power, the more confident you are that it can handle even the toughest of terrain.

Petrol Lawn Mowers Are Designed For Larger Lawns

Aside from their powerful features that can handle a huge range of turf types, petrol lawn mowers also provide a wider coverage compared to battery powered mowers. You can mow for longer hours without having the need to recharge or switch between power outlets.

Petrol Lawn Mowers Are Perfect For Residential and Commercial Use

Most petrol lawn mowers have features that are handy for redistributing finely cut grass and achieving a striped finish, like the mulch plug, grass catcher, or rear roller.


Choosing the right mower all comes down to your yard and your preferences. If excessive noise is an issue for you, and you are looking for a more environmentally conscious choice, you will benefit from an battery powered mower. However, if you have quite a large lawn, you can place your confidence in petrol lawn mowers to get the job done. Need more help in finding a lawn mower and other garden power tools? Check out the full Bushranger range today!

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