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How to Revive Your Lawn in Time for Summer

How to Revive Your Lawn in Time for Summer

After the long winter months, it is time to get your lawn looking fresh again. The cooler weather can dry out your grass and leave it needing some serious TLC. There are a few key garden jobs you can start now to revive your lawn in time for a summer full of entertaining!

Caring For Your Lawn

Weed Out Problems 

Getting rid of pesky weeds is extremely important to keep your lawn healthy. If you have a smaller lawn, you can typically weed by hand, however, if you have a large space to cover you may need herbicides. There is a wide range of herbicides available that you can apply to your lawn using a sprayer. Make sure you are using a spray that is designed to kill the types of weeds you have present in your garden. 

Rake Away Thatch 

Over the cooler months, with less lawn maintenance, thatch or fallen leaves may build up, preventing water and air from getting down to the roots of your grass. You can use a rake to easily remove this dead layer of grass and let your lawn breathe in the fresh summer air. 

Aerate Your Lawn

After heavy foot traffic and lots of lawn use, your grass can become compacted. Aerating the grass helps your soil breathe and can also help improve its absorption of nutrients. You can use an aerator or a garden fork your entire lawn to start the aeration process. Aim for around 5cm deep for the best results.


A fertiliser will have a massive positive impact on your lawn’s health. Make sure to understand what grass type you have to pick a suitable fertiliser for your garden. Spring is one of the best times to fertilise your lawn, as it is best to treat your lawn when it is a mild temperature and not too hot. Be careful not to be too heavy handed though, as too much fertiliser can cause more damage to your grass. 

Keep Grass Cut Regularly

Keeping your grass cut is a great way to avoid overgrowth while stimulating healthy roots and growing habits. However, you need to ensure you don’t cut it too short. If your grass is too short it can become less resilient to heat, resulting in unnecessary damage and burning.

Have more Questions about your lawn?

Getting your lawn ready for summer is key to impressing your neighbours and guests! Following these simple steps will help keep your grass healthy and looking fresh all through the growing season. If you have questions about your garden or how to keep it maintained, contact our friendly team today!

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