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Finding the Perfect Multi-tool for Your Gardening Needs

Finding the Perfect Multi-tool for Your Gardening Needs

Multi-tools are a gardener’s Swiss army knife. With the seemingly endless list of tasks involved in keeping your yard neat and manicured, a normal garden requires a shed full of gear to tackle every task. Fortunately, multi-tools are here to help save you not only time but plenty of space too!


Multi-tools are power tools that can carry out multiple functions in your garden, by giving users the option to change the tool attachments for different jobs. The powerhead carries and drives the main shaft that then powers inter-changeable working attachments. 

Common attachments found on a multi-tool include a line trimmer, hedge trimmer, pruner, edger and even cultivators!


When picking out the perfect multi-tool for you, there are a number of factors to consider before taking the plunge. From unit comfort, performance, and power type, all the way to available attachments for each powerhead.

Power Capacity

It’s important to realise that the power of your powerhead is also the power of your attachments. Therefore, considering the power output you need is essential. Bushranger’s MTK272 Kawasaki Multi-Tool Powerhead is an all-in-one system powered by a premium Kawasaki engine that adapts to your every need, transforming from a hedge trimmer to a trimmer or edger, or from a pruner to a cultivator. They are a great backup tool for large-scale operators or ideal as the one and only tool for smaller operations.

Range Of Functionality

Petrol multi-tools are packed with product options that include a number of different accessories. These units can offer up to nine separate attachments; however, a higher number of attachments can come with a price tag, so make sure you talk to your local dealer to find out the best attachments for your needs. It would be best to determine what type of tools you actually need for your garden first, before buying a multi-tool attachment.

Getting the best multi-tool for your garden will save you time, money, and effort compared to buying individual products to tackle each job.

Unit Specifications

Aside from the engine capacity and the number of attachments included, you also want to check on the full specification of the unit before making a purchase. Check what kind of material it is made from, how heavy is it, does it offer ergonomic features, how quick and easy it is to operate, and what type of warranty does it offer?


String Trimmer

A quick-connect string trimmer attachment for grass trimming and general yard maintenance that fits any of our three petrol-powered Multi-Tool powerheads.

Standard Pruner

A standard length shaft (725 mm) pruner attachment is ideal for pruning at general heights. This is an all-around tool ready to get any general yard work done.

Short Shaft Pruner

This short shaft (150 mm) pruner attachment is for close quarters pruning. It helps you quickly tidy up your yard.

Long Shaft Pruner

Bushranger’s long shaft (1500 mm) pruner attachment is perfect for pruning in those hard to reach places. It features a 10” guide bar and ⅜” low profile chain.


This edging attachment is perfect for edging grass from driveways, paths and garden edges, great for getting those satisfying straight lines.

Reciprocating Cutting Blade

This multi-tool attachment is a reciprocating cutting blade used for trimming grass without the risk of flying debris and the need for trimmer line replacement. This reciprocating cutting blade is ideal for roadside, around dams, pools, ponds, and glass walls.

Cultivator Attachment

The cultivator attachment is great for use in turning soil and digging trenches in garden beds and loose soil.

Need more help in finding the best multi-tool for your garden? Check out the full Bushranger range today! 

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