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How To Store And Maintain Your Garden Tools

How To Store And Maintain Your Garden Tools

Storing your garden tools is vital to keep them working properly and delivering excellent results for years to come. Keeping them in good condition will ensure you spend less on maintenance and spend more time out enjoying your garden. 

Where Should I Store My Garden Tools?

The best place to store your power tools is anywhere warm, dry, and protected from the weather. Not everyone has access to a high-quality garage with all the right specifications and heating options for tools, but there are a few other options that will work just fine, including: 

  • A garden shed: This is a good option to keep your tools inside and away from the elements 
  • Utility room in your home: This spot is a good place to store power tools, but ensure the room does not have a washer or dryer to avoid excess moisture forming 
  • A storage container: One that is airtight and waterproof will work to keep your tools safe while in storage

You should avoid leaving any power tools outside in your garden without any protection. By leaving them exposed to rain and humidity they will get damaged and may require you to replace or service your tools more often. Leaving them out once by accident won’t completely ruin them, but leaving them out multiple times for long periods is not recommended. Even without a proper heated, dry garage to store your power tools in, you can still prevent damage. Ensure whatever shed you are storing your tools in has no holes or leaks that could let water in. Also, if you have a dehumidifier handy this will help draw moisture out of the air, preventing mould from setting in. 

Prepping Tools For Storage 

When putting your tools away for storage, it is important to prepare them, especially if you will be storing them for a few months. Leaving dirt and grime on your tools can lead to the build-up of rust, resulting in your tools being in bad condition when you bring them back out in the warmer months. 

Bushranger’s top storage tips: 

  • Cleaning: It is important to wipe down the frames of your tools after use to remove dirt, grass, and other debris. Use warm, soapy water and wipe dry with a cloth afterward to avoid moisture build up. 
  • Sharpening: Regularly sharpen your chainsaw chains, trimmers, and mower blades to keep them cutting cleanly. Also, ensure you use chain oil to prevent damage to your tools while storing them. 
  • Keep tools off the ground: Tools should ideally be stored above ground to avoid them sitting in pools of water that may form. Wheeled tools, such as lawn mowers, can be kept on the ground as their wheels will elevate them. 

Have Questions?

Keeping your tools in good condition will mean they can last for many years to come and allow you to get the most out of them. Cleaning, maintaining, and storing them all work hand in hand to keep your tools looking great, so your garden can look even better! If you’d like to learn more about power tools for your garden, contact your friendly Bushranger team or visit your local dealer today.

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