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Maintaining a Healthy Lawn with Pets

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn with Pets

Often known as man’s best friend, dogs are wonderful companions and family members, however, they unfortunately are not your lawn’s best friend. With lawn damaging digging and urine creating dead spots, correct lawn care with pets is essential to keeping your grass looking green and healthy. To help you enjoy a picture-perfect lawn all year round, we’ve outlined our top tips for maintaining a healthy lawn with pets. 

Clean Up After Your Pets

When you let your dogs out to play, make sure to watch out for the place they urinate. This way you can dilute the area immediately to avoid any dead spots forming in the grass. You can also purchase products to spray on your grass to make it grow back faster to get rid of the brown spots left on your lawn. By doing this, your grass should stay much greener and you can avoid having to replace your entire lawn. 

Keep Your Lawn in Good Condition

If the damage has already been done and your grass is covered in dead spots, there are still options to make your lawn look nice again. Firstly, you can use pet-safe lawn fertiliser to promote healthy grass growth to get it back to its fresh green colour. You can also raise your mower blades and mow higher than usual to make dead spots less noticeable while your lawn recovers. Bushranger has a range of mowers that will help you make this process quick and easy.

Repair Damage Effectively 

Throughout the autumn or spring months, you should keep on top of your lawn care by aerating or reseeding lawn patches that need some TLC. Mow the area you want to reseed and remove the clippings to ensure the new seeds sink into the soil and get the right amount of sunlight and water. It is important to continue maintenance of your lawn throughout the cooler months to guarantee you have lush green grass throughout your summer of backyard entertaining. 

Create a Pet-Friendly Space

Having a designated space for your pets to run around in will drastically reduce the chances of damaging your whole lawn. Fencing off an area of your backyard ensures your dog has room to play but doesn’t ruin all the hard work that went into creating your dream lawn. It is also important to train your dogs and other pets to only use one area of your garden as their restroom. This method may take some time and effort, but will certainly be worth it to ensure your backyard is taken care of.

Modify Your Dog’s Diet 

As a preventative measure, altering your dog's diet can be a great way to stop dead spots from appearing on your lawn. Adding more salt to your dog’s food will increase their water intake meaning their urine won't be as damaging to your grass. However, before making any drastic changes to your dog's diet, be sure to contact a trusted veterinarian to make sure any diet alterations are safe and effective. 

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