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Keeping Your Lawn Healthy After Wet Weather

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy After Wet Weather

With La Nina storms and wet weather coming in more frequently this summer, your lawn is likely taking quite the beating. With floods, storms and heavy rain set for the warmer months, it’s essential to know exactly how to revive your lawn to ensure it returns to its original state.

Tips for Lawn Care After A Storm 

Don’t Mow A Wet Lawn

Even if you want to get out and start mowing immediately, you need to give your garden time to recover from the wet weather. Mowing a wet lawn can lead to compaction and ruts, leaving your yard looking more butchered than manicured. You should wait until your property has dried out and then set the mower blades to the highest cutting height to start mowing. 

Stay Off The Grass! 

Avoid walking on damp grass after wet weather, as this can severely damage your lawn. Assessing your lawn for any waterlogged areas where rain has collected is also a good idea. Note these areas down so you can prevent this from reoccurring for future storms by levelling the ground or improving drainage. 

Aerate The Soil 

Lawns that have been soaked through will benefit from aeration. You can do this manually with a garden fork or use a powered aerator to help get the job done. Heavy rain leaves your lawn compacted and worn down, leading to compacted soil. Nutrients and air have a more challenging time passing through compact soil, so you must make sure to decompress it to keep your lawn healthy. 

Build Strength With Fertilisers 

A stronger, more resilient lawn is much more likely to survive the damaging La Nina storms. Keeping your lawn well-fed with fertilisers is essential to protect the roots and soil better. The heavy downpour can strip your soil of nutrients and destroy your healthy, green garden. Therefore, you should invest in an effective fertiliser to revive your grass. 

Have Questions? 

If you are unsure what your lawn needs to keep healthy, our friendly team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about lawn care and how our range of units can keep your garden in tip-top shape.

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