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Top 10 Winter Lawn Care Tips

Top 10 Winter Lawn Care Tips

It can be tempting to take a break from your regular lawn care over the winter months while your garden goes into hibernation. However, a little effort over the cooler months will go a long way to setting you up for a successful summer season. We’re often asked questions like how do I take care of my lawn in winter, should I still mow regularly, and how do you keep grass from dying in the cold weather?

We’ve put together some tips to answer these commonly asked winter lawn questions and help you achieve lush, healthy lawns all year round!

1. Mow less

Our first tip is to mow less! Your lawn will naturally grow more slowly as the temperature dips, so you can get away with mowing every 3-4 weeks rather than every 1-2. Letting your grass grow a bit taller also allows for better photosynthesis, which is important as there is less available sunlight throughout winter. Growing a bit taller will also aid your grass in weed management.

2. Keep up the weeding

Your lawn may go dormant over winter, but your weeds will continue to grow throughout the season. That’s why it’s important to ensure you are keeping on top of your weeds and spraying when needed. Bushranger has a range of backpack sprayers that make weeding a breeze.

3. Tidy your edges

After the change of season, your lawn might be covered in fallen leaves, long grass and untidy edges. Take this opportunity to tidy up! Raking up fallen leaves can help to prevent pests and keeping your edges tidy can stop the spread of weeds. View our range of line trimmers here.

4. Service your mower

Winter is the perfect time to put some extra effort into servicing and maintaining your lawn equipment. Deep clean your mower, sharpen the blades, remove any lawn debris. This will help to keep your equipment working well and looking great for years to come.

5. Aerate your lawn

Aerating your lawn during winter is a great way to stop soil compaction, let nutrients into your soil, and prepare your lawn for new growth come spring.

6. Change up your fertilisers

The type of fertiliser you use to help your grass grow in summer is going to be different to the one you use in winter. Look for fertilisers rich in iron and potassium to strengthen the lawn so it grows back thick and healthy when the days warm up. We recommend choosing a more balanced fertiliser to assist with root development.

7. Watch out for grubs and pests

Grubs typically spend winter semi-dormant under the soil until they’re ready to resurface in spring. Over winter they are a risk to your lawn as they can damage your roots and the health of your soil. Keeping your lawn clear of fallen leaves, tall grass, and wood piles can help to prevent the spread of grubs. High quality insecticides and pesticides can also help to control any creepy crawlies living in your lawn.

8. Defend against frost

Winter frost can damage blades of grass, causing them to discolour. A quick five minute water in the morning can help to melt the frost and limit any damage to the lawn. Be careful not to overwater though, as winter lawns can easily become waterlogged!

9. Pull out the chainsaw

Who doesn’t love sitting by a campfire on a cold winter night? Whether you’re clearing land or getting firewood ready for your next campfire, a high quality chainsaw can help you get the job done. Check out our range of chainsaws here.

10. Let a log splitter do the hard work

Once you’ve gathered your firewood, the next step is to split it into smaller pieces. A log splitter from Bushranger lets you split your firewood with ease. You’ll be toasting marshmallows in no time!

Following these 10 tips will help to set you up for healthy lawns all year round. View our full range of lawn mowers and power equipment to find the right products for you or head instore to one of our dealers to find out more!

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