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Master Mowing with our Cylinder Range

Master Mowing with our Cylinder Range

Different types of mowers require different approaches when it comes to perfecting that finished cut. We designed our Cylinder Mowers specifically for those who are looking to achieve that striped finish on their lawns. The rotating cylinder is equipped with reel blades which are guided towards the stationary bedknife creating a shearing action when cutting. But to make the most of this fine process, it is crucial to employ our techniques that we have tailored to this type of mower. 

Sharp Blades for Clean Cuts

We harp on about it time and time again but sharpening your blades really is what makes or breaks attaining your dream lawn. That scissor-like cut is the hallmark of a cylinder mower but remember, this is best ensured by sharp blades. So consider the task of sharpening your mower blades as two-fold in benefits: improved efficiency and healthy grass given you will be preventing tearing. 

Adjust Cutting Height

Our Cylinder mowers offer adjustable cutting heights ranging from 7 mm to 20 mm. We recommend starting with a higher setting and gradually lowering it until your lawn reaches the desired height. Remember, never cut more than one-third of the grass blade's length in a single mow to avoid stressing your lawn. 

Overlapping Passes

Achieve a uniform cut by slightly overlapping each mowing pass. This technique prevents missed spots and will avoid a thin strip of uncut grass from emerging. If you’re aiming for that polished look, overlap each pass by at least 3 mm to achieve a more even coverage.

Straight Lines

The rear roller is the main identifier of the Cylinder mower, best known for achieving that classic ‘striped effect’ on your lawn. It’s important to use the rear roller to your advantage as it will guide the mower to create those straight mowing lines. If your line ends up crooked, simply mow over it again in the same direction to straighten it. This technique not only produces a visually appealing finish but also ensures consistent results.

Dry Grass Only

Cylinder mowers perform best on dry grass so try to avoid mowing when the grass is wet, as this can lead to clogs and an uneven cut. 

Frequent Mowing

While this tip applies to all mowers, Cylinder mowers in particular thrive on lawns that are consistently maintained. We suggest increasing your mowing frequency, especially during the growing season, to ensure your grass stays within the ideal cutting range. This will make the mowing process less strenuous on you and your mower won’t have to power through overgrown grass.

Routine Maintenance

It’s easy to get into the habit of rushing through the cleaning job after using your mower. Remember to remove grass clippings and debris to prevent performance issues.

Got Questions?

You will learn that Cylinder mowers may take a bit longer to mow compared to other types. Take your time. The precise, flawless cut and envious looks from your neighbours is definitely worth it! If you want to learn more about our Cylinder mower range, browse our website or Contact Us today.

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