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Edger Attachment

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PUMC-E2 - Commercial Multi-tool attachments

Bushranger® MC-E2 Edger Multi-Tool Attachment

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The Bushranger® Multi-Tools are the intelligent answer for an all round garden and landscape maintenance tool - you won’t clutter the shed with this compact unit.


Bushranger’s MC-E2 edging attachment is perfect for edging grass from driveways, paths and garden edging.

The Bushranger® Multi-Tool range allows the user to have a potential of 6 different units with 9 attachment possibilities all using the one power head. The Multi-Tool allows a variety of jobs to be within an arm’s reach and achievable at once – the possibilities are endless.


  • Heavy duty 8" blade.
  • Simple depth adjustment.
  • Open shield design.
  • Made in Japan.


5 out of 5 Stars

Perth - 30th June 2020

It’s your basic blade or “stick” edger set up. Pop it on the multi tool power head, blade in the grass. Wheel on the concrete and off you go. Paired with the powerful motors maintenance around curves, curbs and garden beds are so much easier than wobbling around and kick backs with the string trimmer. The offset angle or curb keels you clear from debris. And adjustable height of cut is great for all applications. For lots of curves or paths. Definitely worth having in the toolbox.

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