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String Trimmer Attachment

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PUMC-S2 - Commercial Multi-tool attachments

Bushranger® MC-S2 String Trimmer Multi-Tool Attachment

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Attach and work easily with Bushranger's MC-S2 String Trimmer Attachment.


The MC-S2 attachment is a quick connect string trimmer attachment for grass trimming and general yard maintenance that fits any of our three Multi-Tool powerheads.

The Bushranger® Multi-Tool range allows the user to have a potential of 6 different units with 9 attachment possibilities all using the one power head. The Multi-Tool allows a variety of jobs to be within an arm’s reach and achievable at once – the possibilities are endless.


  • Commercial quality 4" easy load tap and go trimmer head.
  • Blade capable.
  • Solid Steel Shaft: drive shafts is precision manufactured from solid steel and polished for optimal performance. Also durable bronze bushings reduce vibrations and power loss.
  • Fits Bushranger® MCH252, MT262 and MTK272 Multi-Tool Powerheads.
  • Made in Japan.


5 out of 5 Stars

Perth - 30th June 2020

For a basic line trimmer attachment it’s pretty good quality, solid drive shaft. Great gearing. Takes 2.4mm square Or round cord so you can get some good cleanups done and the trimmer head has a handy metal wear plate so it lasts longer. It’s a bump feed so easy to use. Rev and tap. Trim till you run out. Reloading is a breeze, speed load style. Line up the hole with the arrow, feed the line half way through and crank. This feature alone saves so much time on jobs as I’m not pulling apart a trimmer head to reload it and winding up two strands of cord and trying to reassemble the head before line explodes everywhere and frustration levels explode in a similar manner. Now it’s Just feed and ratchet. Would definitely recommend!

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