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Top 10 Tips for a Great Spring Lawn

Top 10 Tips for a Great Spring Lawn

Spring is fast approaching and your lawn and garden might be looking a little weathered. Winter can be harsh on plants and grass, due to significantly less rainfall, frost and high winds. With spring comes longer days and warmer weather, which means it is the perfect time to get out into the yard to do some work and give the lawn some TLC. Here are our top spring tips for garden and lawn care.

1. Service your power tools and equipment

If you haven’t already taken the time to do this during winter, now is the time to make sure all of your equipment is in good working order. Sharpen your mower blades, clean your power tools and make sure everything is ready for all the hard work you are about to do. Check out our website for more power tool accessories.

2. De-weed your lawn and planters

Whilst winter is generally a time of year where plants and lawns grow more slowly, weeds are another ball park all together. Weeds will grow all year round, if the conditions are right. Spring is the best time to get out into your yard and de-weed the lawn and any other areas where weeds may be growing. This ensures anything you plant in spring can grow without interference.

3. Trim your hedges and blow away those leaves

If you have hibernated during winter and your yard now resembles a wasteland, it’s time to get on the tools. Bushranger hedge trimmers are great for pruning back overgrowth and our range of blowers are the solution to the piles of leaves which build up over winter.

4. Test your lawn pH

Before planting anything, test the pH level of your soil. This is important so that you can make any necessary changes to your lawn care moving forward.

5. Time to grow!

Spring is the season of growth. It is time to plant new seeds and grow your grass if it is looking less-than perfect. High foot traffic and pets can kill off your lawn by compacting it, resulting in missing or brown patches. Sow and fertilise now and you will reap the rewards come summer.

6. Fertilise your lawn

Speaking of fertiliser, have you checked what you are currently using and whether it is appropriate for the season? We recommend a different fertiliser in the spring and summer months to what you may use in winter. Your spring fertiliser will be lighter than the one you use in winter. Watch how much you use, as you can ‘overfeed’ your lawn, encouraging weed growth - lightly does it!

7. Getting that deep green

If you want that deep green then start using nitrogen iron fertiliser that's designed for a deep green without producing surge growth, which means that deep green will last much longer.

8. Upgrade your mower

Whether you‘re a professional gardener with acreage, or a homeowner with a small private lawn, you will need a quality mower. Luckily, we have a wide range of mowers for you to choose from. Our Spartan zero turn mowers are great for those with a large lawn who want comfort and ease when it comes to mowing. On the other hand, our smaller mowers are perfect for anyone looking for precision and who might have different terrains in their yard.

9. Help your mates!

Your mates will want a lawn like yours. When you do your spring renovation, the aerating plugs & scarifying clippings can be planted to make a new lawn. If your mates are really keen, they can help you with your renovation and aerating machine costs if they can take your plugs and clippings for planting. With a bit of extra water and care, those clippings will grow in and your mates will have a healthy lawn. Watch out, in a good growing season they could be out-lawning you! 

10. Keep learning and ask for help

Spring is the season for growth, so make sure you clean up your lawn area and garden in order for new seedlings to grow. Summer can bring harsh conditions, so prepping for that now can save you later.

While a 10 tip seasonal guide can provide you with a great foundation, it will never really answer all the questions you have about your lawn. Visit our website to browse our full range of quality power equipment or visit your nearest Bushranger dealer and speak to the professionals about how you can prepare for the upcoming warmer months.

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